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DevOps Work Flow

Workflow in DevOps

DevOps defines an active relationship between operations and development. It is a process where the development team and operational engineers work together from beginning to end.

Workflows show a visual overview of orders in which inputs are provided. It expresses you about activities and productions are produced based on working processes. It has the ability to arrange and search for jobs that are frequently requested by users. It gives you the ability to mirror the ideal processes in configuration jobs.

    DevOps Workflow:

  • Parallel job execution
  • Sequential Job execution
  • Brach-level filtering
  • DevOps Tutorial

    The DevOps seminar will help you to learn DevOps from scracth to deep knowledge of various DevOps tools such as fallowing List.

    Linux, Git, Jenkins, Maven, Apache Tomcat, Nexus, Ansible, Chef, Docker, Nagios,   Kubernetes.

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