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Installing Git Mac OS

Git on Mac


ē A MacOS

ē Access to command line/terminal window

How to Install Git on Mac

There are many different ways to set up Git on Mac. If you prefer using a GUI, Git offers a simple installation using the installer for Mac. On the other hand, you can install Git using the terminal with a couple of simple commands.

Option 1: Install Git on Mac with Installer

The easiest way to set up Git is to use the Git installer for Mac.

  1. 1. Open a browser and navigate to Gitís official website.
  2. 2. You will see a display showing the version number of the latest source release and a download button, as in the image below.
  3. DevOps Lesson
  4. 3. Click Download, and it automatically downloads the software package on your system.
  5. 4. Find the package and double-click to open the Git installer.
  6. 5. Follow the installation wizard and configure Git to suit your development needs. If you are new to version control systems, the best option would be to leave the default settings.
  7. 6. Click Install and type in your password if necessary.
  8. 7. Confirm once again by clicking Install Software.
  9. With this, you have finished setting up Git on your Mac. Move on to the next step of configuring Git.

Option 2: Install Git on Mac using the Terminal


There are multiple ways to install Git on Mac via terminal, depending on the development environment or package manager you have on your system. .

This guide includes three different options. .

Install Git Using Xcode


If you prefer the terminal, using Xcode is the fastest and easiest way to start working with Git. Its command-line tools include Git in the package. .

Users who donít have Xcode can install it with a single command: .

xcode-select --install.

With Xcode running on your Mac, you can check whether Git is also available by prompting for the Git version: .

git --version.

The output should display the latest Git release, as in the example below. .

git version 2.25.0 (Apple Git-66) .

If you do not have Git, it automatically asks you whether you want to install it. Confirm the installation, and Xcode sets up Git.

Install Git Using Homebrew

Another way to install Git is with Homebrew, the package management system for Mac.

Run the following brew command in the terminal:

brew install git

Then, check the Git version to verify the installation:

git --version

Install Git Using MacPorts

If you are using MacPorts to manage your packages on the system, you can use the port command to set up Git.

Start by updating MacPorts with the command:

sudo port selfupdate

Search for and install the newest Git ports and variants by running the following two commands:

port search git

port variants git

Then, install Git with:

sudo port install git

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